Why Vision Improvement?

“Who cares if I see better? I’m functioning just fine in my life. My glasses work well enough that I can do what I need to. Why should I do anything about my vision?”

Some ideas to consider

1/2 of your higher brain is involved with visual function. We live in a world of alternating light and darkness. Vision is a source of safety, nourishment, higher functioning, and pleasure in life. If vision is distressed or deteriorating, our quality of life diminishes. Often we don’t realize the developing problem until we’re older. By that time, years of visual distress have created a vision loss. The standard medical approaches are low vision aids, surgery, and drugs to delay the encroaching darkness. At the same time the standard medical advice is that ”nothing can be done to reverse and heal the problem. It’s normal.” It may be normal but it’s not healthy…or necessary!

Your body is designed to heal. Your eyes are part of your body. Vision trauma and/or deterioration can heal – far beyond what our accepted medicine has understood.

Loss of close or far focus is vision deterioration. Usually it can be stabilized…and often completely reversed! No matter how old or young you are. Many positive effects throughout your whole life will accompany this healing of your vision.

Your eyes are a part of your brain. Eyes start to develop 3 weeks after conception. By seven weeks they are fully formed out of developing brain tissue. Our eyes are the most direct route into the middle of our human brain. Shakespeare wrote “The eyes are the windows to the soul”.

They are also a window into the brain. Vision improvement increases the light throughout one’s life. Eyesight improvement is one of the many side effects.

Vision is a key to spiritual growth and well being.

To quote St. Luke (11:34) “The light of the body is in the eye: therefore when thine eye is single, thy whole body also is full of light”

How important is your vision? A new perspective on the world and an improved vision of life can reflect from improved eyesight. Greater ease and enjoyment through your eyes, and your senses in general, can change your world…for the better.